Greyfriars Art Shop has been an independent art shop since 1840 descending from the artists' colourmen Doig, Wilson & Wheatley, based at 90 George Street and 1 Greyfriars Place, Edinburgh.

We bought Greyfriars Art Shop in 1987 and have since added 20 Dundas Street, Edinburgh and Dunn's of Perth in Scott Street to the original Greyfriars Place business. Most recently Millers Art Shop in Stockwell Street, Glasgow, established in 1834, has now come under the Greyfriars umbrella.

As an independently run family business we strive to offer the artist the widest product range including artists' oil colours, watercolours, gouache, canvases, brushes etc. We also carry some gilding supplies, silver point materials and raw pigments. We endeavour to carry as wide a range as possible.

Many of our staff have been with us for a long time - mostly artists themselves, they will always offer friendly, informative advice to experienced and novice painters alike. Our mantra has always been "please ask".

Our website only gives you a glimpse of the vast number of products stocked by Greyfriars Art Shop. Please visit one of our shops if at all possible - we are very proud of them! Failing that, we are happy to give advice and details of our stock by telephone or email.

The Original Keys For 1 Greyfriars Place